Film: Gorge Running

February 25, 2011

Before diving into photography I was a film major at Chapman University. At the time I had aspirations of making feature films in Hollywood. However, after a year I quickly learned the Hollywood lifestyle was not for me. Since my film days I have dabbled occasionally in making short movies but more as just a side hobby. I realized trying to do both movies and photography at the same time was just too expensive. Then the 5DMKII came along and it became possible for me to use essentially the same equipment for both shooting photos and short movies.

I met Kc Guyer back in July on a photo shoot (where he was able to secure us this amazing mountain cabin for free). Recently we started talking about putting together some short movies to start shopping around to clients. The following video is our first collaboration of hopefully many. It was shot in the Columbia Gorge. Adam Webber assisted and Kc Guyer and Cassie Torres (models from my snowshoeing photo shoot) were the talent. I rented a Kessler Pocket Dolly and Zacuto Z-Finder for the day which I found made a huge difference in the quality of the footage. Usually when you think of a dolly you think of a heavy cumbersome piece of equipment that takes a good amount of time to set up. Kessler’s Pocket Dolly definitely changed my opinion on that. Not only was I easily able to hike 3+ miles of steep terrain with the 3′ Pocket Dolly slung over my shoulder it took only a matter of minutes to set up for each shot. This is pretty key for me as most of my work involves a lot of trekking and my crew is usually just me and the talent.  I’ve only used a couple dollies in the past so I can’t really comment on how it compares to other products but I do know that this one is extremely smooth and quiet. The pocket dolly is definitely going to be my next equipment purchase and it will probably travel everywhere with me.

Behind the scenes photos shot by Adam Webber at

Talent: Kc Guyer and Cassie Torres

Assistant Camera: Adam Webber

Co-Produced: Isaac Lane Koval and Kc Guyer

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