Zion Nation Park Trip

December 1, 2011

In June I planned an outdoor adventure photo shoot in Zion National Park, Utah. We did hiking, canyoneering and mountain biking. This was my biggest photo shoot to date and probably the most fun I’ve had at work. Utah feels like one giant playground. Below is a behind the scenes video of the trip.

Models: Kc Guyer & Abbie Ware
Guide/Assistant: Jeremy McLaughlin

Video shot by cast and crew, edited by Isaac Lane Koval.

A word about production costs:

This shoot had the highest production cost of any shoot I’ve done to date. I spent around $3600 for airfare, car rental, lodging, food for cast and crew, and gear rental. When shooting stock all the costs of production fall on myself. There is no client giving me a budget. This can be pretty intimidating and scary. When I first started putting money into my productions I was afraid I wouldn’t make it back. It was even a little scary on the Zion trip. I quickly learned though by putting more money into my photo shoots I got a higher production value and my photos started selling 10-fold what they had sold when I put no money into my shoots. There were occasional shoots along the way that I’ve lost money but it ends up working out so that other shoots cover the cost of a failed shoot. The saying you have to spend money to make money is very true in this case. I just got the Zion photos up on stock recently so I haven’t recouped my production costs yet but I’m confident I will and then continue to make money off the shoot.

The photos are being sold as stock and can be found at Corbis Images: Zion Photos

Day 1: Hiking Observation Point

The first day of shooting we hiked up to Observation Point which over looks Zion Canyon.

Day 2: Canyoneering Lambs Knoll

On the second day of shooting we headed to the west side of the park in the Kolob Canyon area to canyoneer. These were dry canyons with repels of about 60-100 feet.

Day 3: Mountain Biking Gooseberry Mesa

On the last day of shooting we woke up before the sun rose and headed out to Gooseberry Mesa for mountain biking. Luck was on our side that day and provided a nice overcast which kept it cooler (a cool 92 degrees so all relative) then the previous days. This was my first real experience mountain biking and it essentially got me hooked on the sport.

Day 3.5: Backpacking Kolob Canyons

After mountain biking we headed back to Kolob Canyons for some backpacking/camping shots.

Cast and Crew Photos:

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